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The Spine Shark is Proving Beneficial for Swimmers

When you think of injuries associated with sports and exercise, swimming is probably the last thing that would ever come to mind when talking about sporting injury causes. Many people consider swimming as one of the safest, most pain-free methods of exercising and working out due to the fact that you’re in the water, meaning that the muscles are under far less stress than usual. The truth, however, is that swimming injuries are extremely common amongst swimmers, with swimmer’s shoulder being one of the most common. Swimmer’s shoulder is caused by a muscular imbalance, and is characterized by tightness in the chest, pain in the shoulders, and aching, pain, and discomfort in the lower back. These imbalances cause swimmers a great deal of pain and discomfort, but the good news is that they can be treated and repaired. One of the most effective new treatments available for common swimming injuries affecting the back and the shoulders is the Spine Shark therapeutic device.


What is the Spine Shark? – The Spine Shark is a Spine Orthotic and Therapeutic Device scientifically designed to target the back and similar muscular pains and injuries, all of which works to help people live a healthier, happier, and pain-free life as a result. The Spine Shark has two primary objectives: The first being to stretch and relax specific muscle groups in the neck and back that have been known to be attached to certain problem areas that are the most susceptible to injury. The second objective of this device is to increase blood flow and fluid movement to and from the spinal column, allowing nutrient rich fluid to reach specific muscle areas. The more nutrient rich fluid these areas get, the faster recovery will begin to take place. The Spine Shark device uses what is known as Spine Tracker™ technology, which is comprised of two free moving spine shaped rails within the device. When a user lies down on the device, the ergonomic contours and grooves help to relax the muscles that support the spine whilst the Spine Tracker technology actually molds itself to the user’s spine, all of which works to promote spinal alignment, as well as to encourage gentle decompression, aid in healthy posture, and promote healing. Now that you know what the Spine Shark is and how it works, let’s take a look at a few ways in which it will benefit swimmers.


The Spine Shark Helps to Reduce Muscle Tightness and Cramping – When we exercise and use our muscles, the muscles secrete a waste product known as lactic acid. As this lactic acid begins to build up, it can affect our athletic performance before eventually resulting in muscle tightness, or even cramps. As lactic acid is responsible for painful muscle cramps and tightness, finding a way to eliminate it and cut back on the levels our body secretes is vital if we wish to enjoy a pain free recovery following our workouts. The Spine Shark helps to eliminate lactic acid and other waste products secreted by the body following exercise, meaning that your muscles won’t ache, cramp up, or feel tight or sore following a grueling session in the pool.


The Spine Shark Helps to Treat Common Swimming Injuries – As mentioned, swimming injuries such as swimmer’s shoulder are very common, and can cause swimmers a great deal of pain and discomfort. Following an intensive workout in the water, warm down with a 10 minute session on the Spine Shark, and allow it to work its magic! The device applies acupressure to muscles and muscle tissues in the neck, back, shoulders and spinal areas which are the most commonly affected areas of the body following extensive sessions in the pool. It isn’t uncommon for swimmers to reap the benefits associated with the Spine Shark almost instantaneously, meaning that painful back and shoulder muscle tightness and discomfort will quickly become a thing of the past.


The Spine Shark Increases Range of Motion – Swimmers need great range of motion in their joints in order to complete a number of various swimming strokes: the butterfly or breast stroke for example. If they’re suffering from a sore back or shoulders, then performing these strokes can be extremely painful. The Spine Shark has been proven to dramatically help increase range of motion thanks to the fact that it alleviates muscular pain and discomfort, reduces inflammation, and improves flexibility, all by just getting Your Spine In-line and relieving tension and pinched nerves! This basically means you’ll be a better swimmer, with the added bonus of being flexible and pain-free.


After using the Spine Shark device just once, you’ll immediately notice an extremely big improvement in how you feel and how mobile you are, so try it now and see for yourself, because the Spine Shark Team guarantees the Spine Shark to work for you or you can claim a refund of the purchased price. If you would like more information about Spine Shark and how the Spine Shark can help meet your athletic performance and recuperation needs, please visit or send us an email to swimming

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