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Spine Shark Helping Rugby Players of the World


Spine Shark Helping Rugby Players of the World

When you think about intense, brutal, hard hitting, high intensity, and full contact sports designed to separate the men from the boys, rugby is probably the greatest example of a sport you could ever wish for. Rugby is a full contact sport, typically played by big, strong, muscular men, and women for that matter, and it’s enjoyed all over the world. Similar in principle to football in the United States, rugby is different mainly because there are no pads, armour, or protective helmets or clothing worn. It’s basically just smash mouth skin on skin, muscle on muscle, and bone on bone. Not surprisingly then, rugby players often experience a number of painful sporting injuries, which can make their everyday lives a real struggle. Muscular problems in the back, as well as other similar back injuries are some of the most common injuries experienced by rugby players, and not surprisingly, these injuries can have a negative effect on the player’s health, and performance out on the field as well. Rather than trying to look tough by “manning up” and working through painful injuries and discomforts, more and more rugby players are instead making use of the Spine Shark, a radical new device and disruptive technology, designed to treat sporting injuries.

What is the Spine Shark? – The Spine Shark is a Spine Orthotic Device scientifically designed to target back and similar muscular pains and injuries, all of which works to help people live a healthier, happier, and pain-free life as a result. The Spine Shark has two primary objectives: The first being to stretch and relax specific muscle groups in the neck and back that have been known to be attached to certain problem areas that are the most susceptible to injury. The second objective of this device is to increase blood flow and fluid movement to and from the spinal column, allowing nutrient rich fluid to reach specific muscle areas. The more nutrient rich fluid these areas get, the faster recovery will begin to take place. The Spine Shark device uses what is known as Spine Tracker™ technology, which is comprised of two free moving spine shaped rails within the device. When a user lays down on the device, the ergonomic contours and grooves help to relax the muscles that support the spine whilst the Spine Tracker technology actually molds itself to the user’s spine, all of which works to promote spinal alignment, as well as to encourage gentle decompression, aid in healthy posture, and promote healing. Now that you know what it is and how it works, let’s take a look at a few ways in which the Spine Shark can benefit rugby players.

It Can Treat and Manage Problem Areas Before They Get Worse – Rugby is not for the faint hearted due to its brutal no-nonsense nature. Not surprisingly then, the hits and tackles are hard, meaning that a player is essentially just one tackle away from a career threatening injury. If a player is already suffering with problems in their back, then that’s a sign that something is wrong. If they were to suffer a pretty hard-hitting tackle, their already weakened back could really suffer meaning that a minor injury could quickly develop into a serious one. The Spine Shark helps to ensure that this doesn’t happen, because thanks to the applied acupressure onto painful, damaged, and inflamed muscles and muscle tissue, minor sprains, soreness, and injuries will quickly recover, meaning that a player will be much more refreshed and much better protected the next time they head out onto the field. Minor injuries quickly lead to bigger ones, so nipping them in the bud before they have chance to develop is always the right thing to do.

It Improves Circulation – Athletic performance is all about blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients in the body used for energy. The more oxygen and nutrient rich blood that’s able to be transported around the body to the various muscles, the better the muscles will work; the better they work, the longer and more efficiently they’ll work before fatiguing, and the quicker they’ll recover afterwards. The Spine Shark works to dilate blood vessels in the body, allowing them to let more blood flow through them, thus improving circulation. Needless to say, the better the circulation, the better the aerobic performance, and the quicker the recovery rates, which is why the Spine Shark is ideal for rugby players all over the world, no matter how big or small they may be.

After using the Spine Shark device just once, you’ll immediately notice an extremely big improvement in how you feel and how mobile you are, so try it now and see for yourself, because the Spine Shark Team guarantees the Spine Shark to work for you or you can claim a refund of the purchased price. If you would like more information about Spine Shark and how the Spine Shark can help meet your athletic performance and recuperation needs, please visit or send us an email to

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