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The Spine Shark Can Benefit Basketball Players

When it comes to fast paced, high impact sports that demand a great deal of flexibility and stamina, you’d be hard pressed to come up with a better example than Basketball. Basketball is extremely physically demanding, and for that reason, the players themselves need to be in top physical condition. Players train very hard, and they work hard whilst playing. Unfortunately, as you may expect with sports of this nature, injuries in basketball are also pretty common, especially injuries affecting the back. If you’ve ever injured your back, even if it was only a slight injury, you’ll know how painful it can be, and how it can make even the most trivial of tasks feel like an excruciating chore in itself. So then, imagine injuring your back, and trying to dribble a basketball, run up and down a court, and jump several feet in the air in an attempt to slam dunk the ball. Can you imagine being able to do so with back pain or a back injury? Probably not, yet a number of basketball players, both amateur and professional, have to work through painful back injuries on a daily basis. However, the good news is that a device known as the Spine Shark is now available, which has been proven to benefit a number of different people, including sportsmen and athletes, whilst providing effective relief from common sports injuries.

What is the Spine Shark? — The Spine Shark is a Spine Orthotic Device scientifically designed to target back and similar muscular pains and injuries, all of which works to help people live a healthier, happier, and pain-free life as a result. The Spine Shark has two primary objectives: The first being to stretch and relax specific muscle groups in the neck and back that have been known to be attached to certain problem areas that are the most susceptible to injury. The second objective of this device is to increase blood flow and fluid movement to and from the spinal column, allowing nutrient rich fluid to reach specific muscle areas. The more nutrient rich fluid these areas get, the faster recovery will begin to take place. The Spine Shark device uses what is known as Spine Tracker™ technology, which is comprised of two free moving spine shaped rails within the device. When a user lays down on the device, the ergonomic contours and grooves help to relax the muscles that support the spine whilst the Spine Tracker technology actually moulds itself to the user’s spine, all of which works to promote spinal alignment, as well as to encourage gentle decompression, aid in healthy posture, and promote healing. Now that you know what a Spine Shark is, let’s take a look at how it can benefit keen basketball players…

It Improves Flexibility – One of the main benefits of using the Spine Shark is that you’ll be able to enjoy greater levels of flexibility, which will become evident after your very first session using the device. The Spine Tracker technology and specially designed ergonomic layout help to apply acupressure to the muscles and the muscle tissue, loosening them up and reducing inflammation. Basketball players will greatly benefit from increased flexibility, and a healthy spine will also reduce the risk of injury too.

It Can Help Treat Injuries and Reduce Muscle Pain – Whether it’s a back injury you’re working through, or simply just muscle stiffness or pain, the Spine Shark can, and WILL help you. The device helps reduce muscle inflammation, stiffness, or other common injuries affecting the back, meaning that the player can focus on the game rather than a nagging pain which has been affecting their lower back for the last few months.

It Aids in Recovery by Improving Circulation – Following an intense training session or game, basketball players will often be tired, sore, or stiff, and will ache all over, particularly in the back. By simply using the Spine Shark for 10 minutes or so following a game or training session, they’ll be able to recover more quickly as circulation will be improved, thus allowing more oxygen and nutrients to be carried around the body. The more oxygen and nutrients that are transported, the quicker the body will be able to recover and repair itself following a tough session. If you would like more information about Spine Shark and how the Spine Shark can help meet your athletic performance and recuperation needs, Please visit or send us an email to
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