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Dr. Keith Kinsley

chiropractic-careDr. Keith was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He comes from a fairly large family. He has recently moved to the Goldsboro area and enjoys North Carolina very much.

Dr. Kinsley recently completed 20 years of service in the army as a combat medic with tours in the U.S, Europe, Iraq and Sinai Egypt. His decision to join the army was made in high school, as was his decision to become a doctor of chiropractic as his second career.

Dr. Kinsley’s interest in chiropractic began with his own experiences at a very young age, and his focus as a practitioner is always providing “whole health” care by integrating traditional chiropractic techniques with the best available technology, nutrition, and collaboration with other practitioners who share the same philosophy. His primary clinical interests are in the study of clinical nutrition and neurology.

Dr. Kinsley’s philosophy, practice skills, and personality make him a great fit with Chiropractic Advantage and along with Dr. Wilding and Dr. Paat he plans on achieving truly great things and making a measurable difference in the health of a great many.


Dr. Mathew Wilding and Dr. Kara Paat

Dr. Mathew Wilding and Dr. Kara Paat grew up together in northern Ontario, Canada.  They first met at ten years of age spine-careand have been inseparable ever since.  Both were avid athletes and involved in a wide range of sports, and as is the case with most active young people, injuries were a part of life.  Dr. Wilding sustained a serious neck injury at the age of 13, and after much suffering was lead to chiropractic care for relief and maximum correction of his problem.  After witnessing Dr. Wilding’s recovery and his subsequent excitement about chiropractic care, Dr. Paat became a chiropractic patient to address some lower back and hip pain she had incurred as a volleyball player and long distance cross-country runner.

By sixteen years of age, both had fully committed themselves to pursuing a doctor of chiropractic degree and serving others through chiropractic health care.  Both completed their undergraduate work at Lake Superior State University in northern Michigan and both attended Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Minneapolis where they completed a bachelor’s degree in human biology as well as the doctor of chiropractic degree.  Both doctors have spent thousands of hours in continued education in their pursuit of excellence as doctors of chiropractic.

Drs. Wilding and Paat married in 2006 and twenty-three years after first meeting, welcomed their daughter, Roxie Wilding, into the world in September of 2008.  This marked the achievement of yet another childhood dream.  They now look forward to achieving many more.

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