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Dr. Shark asks, How can stress affect my spine?

How can stress affect my spine? Think of your spinal cord as a guitar string.  The greater the tension, the higher the note your nervous system has “tone” as well.  With each stressor, your body tightens up, like bracing yourself for a tight curve on a roller […]

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Relieve Pain Fast Spine Shark™ Heals the Spine

Disc Nourishment Your Intervertebral Discs offer shock-absorbing qualities using fluid, their jelly-like centers absorb to fill and act as spacers, separating your vertebrae from each other. As you age and gravity takes its toll on your body, these discs begin to lose blood supply and fluid content. […]

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What People Want to Know About the SPINE SHARK™

WHAT PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE SPINE SHARK™ The focus of traditional health care is on germs and blood.  The Spine Shark™ is different.  The Spine Shark produces results by helping your nervous system work the way it should.  An emphasis on blood overlooks the role […]

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Did You Know? Emotional Stress Contributes to Back Pain

Emotional Stress Contributes to Back Pain Fear, grief, anger and other emotions affect our entire body. Notice the posture of someone who is sad or depressed. Frustration, or a sense of powerlessness at work is a common form of emotional stress. Clearly, it’s not the stress, but […]

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Dr. Shark asks, What Does Your Posture Tell Others?

Your mother was correct.  Your posture matters. Even at a distance, your posture is the first thing others notice. Does yours say you’re confident, certain and self-assured? Or does it disclose that you’re fearful, unsure or timid? At Spine Shark, your posture concerns us. Not because it […]

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Dr. Shark asks, “How Well do You Adapt to Stress?”

Whether your body considers stress good or bad is largely a function of how well it can accommodate it. Ultimately this capacity is based on the condition of your nervous system. Make Spine Shark a regular part of your plan for recovery and regeneration. Shark’s” ReGenesis One Therapy” is a fundamental building […]

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Dr. Shark says, “Did you know arthritis and posture are related?”

Yes, arthritis (spinal decay) can result from abnormal, long-standing adaptation to gravity. The body deposits calcium on malfunctioning joint surfaces in an attempt to shore them up or “splint” the joints. Bone spurs, and eventually fusion can result. Spine Shark brings a healthy washing effect to the bones in the […]

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Dr. Shark says, “Simply put, the Spine Shark….”

The Patent Pending Spine Shark™ utilizes the power of gravity to apply acupressure therapy to a person’s back. It supports the natural curves of the spinal column in a neutral/regenerative healing position. An internally mounted twin rail Spine Tracker™ spinal support and tracking system acts like a mold for […]

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Do you get the high quality rest you need? Let us show you how…

When is the last time you improved how you recover? Do you actually commit any kind of resources to the best way to recover from or pre-empt pain? How about Stress? Simple, Safe, Effective Spine Shark’s Enhanced “Recuperative Regeneration Therapy” Re Genesis™ allows the body to heal […]

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Breaking News about Superior Athletics

The Spine Shark™ offers a distinct advantage to high performance athletes. Most sports activities have one or more detrimental effects on the body, such as the buildup of lactic acid or spinal compression in the lower back. When used as a tool in strength and conditioning programs, […]

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