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Don’t Let Cold Weather Get You Down!

Cold Weather Stress Can Affect Your Spine. How can Cold Weather Stress Affect Your Spine? Think of your spinal cord as a guitar string. The greater the tension, the higher the note. Your nervous system has “tone” as well. With each stressor, your body tightens up, like […]

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Benefits of Using The Spine Shark for Golf

When you think of sports and other physical activities in which painful injuries are often pretty common, which sports come to mind? Do you think of fast paced, full contact, and smash-mouth sports such as football or hockey? Perhaps you think of rugby or martial arts? What […]

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One of the best products I have used!

I get better sleep at night and my posture has improved so much. You can feel the release of the fluids within your spine and it’s like a holistic approach towards wellness 🙂 Very satisfied customer!!! Ruthy Wood

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Thank God for Spine Shark!!!

Thank God for SPINE SHARK!!!……all day yesterday I couldn’t move my neck without excruciating pain……worked all day long waiting for relief…..laid on my styling black and white retro looking spine shark with a Cozy leopard print blanket for 30 min…….woke up this am and….Ta Da……NO PAIN….ready for […]

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I purchased the Spine Shark for my husband

for his birthday in December 2012. HE LOVES IT!! He could not use it much in Dec. or Jan. due to cataract surgery, but uses the Spine Shark every day now! He says it helps his back & hip. I got the info at the Coastal Mall, […]

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My Neck and Shoulder Pain is Gone!!!

I am so happy my Husband told me about the Spine Shark website. We purchased the Spine Shark and since using it we have cut down greatly on out doctor’s visits for pain. I have had neck and shoulder pain from a herniated disc for 11 years […]

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I’ve lived with crippling neck pain

I gotta say something about this device. since the Summer of 2005. I tried doctors and chiropractors and lost my faith in both that they would find and provide a solution that would bring me back to normal. The first form of relief I got from this […]

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All I can say is wow!!!

All I can say is wow! I was going back and forth to the Chiropractor and the pain that I had in my back was only getting worse. I was ready to try anything to stop the pain I was feeling. My pain was so bad that […]

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I am just giving props to a great product that works!

Got sciatic or back pain? I use the Spine Shark™ to stay pain free. And no I am not being paid to endorse this cool product and no I do not get a dime on any sales. The Spine Shark™ is used by athletes as well as […]

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I love my Spine Shark. I’ve been using it before workouts!

I love my Spine Shark. I’ve been using it before and after work outs to loosen my back. Love it! Gus Marrero

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