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Dr. Shark says, “Spine Shark’s™ ‘Re Genesis One Therapy™’ exercises enhances the body’s ability to heal itself.”

Spine Shark’s™ “Re Genesis One Therapy™” allows the body to heal itself. Regeneration is a biological process in which organisms repair damaged cells, tissue or organs so that their original function is restored. When applied to our demanding lifestyles, considering the stress and physical exertion required, regeneration […]

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Dr. Shark says….”Exercise is not required to receive the benefits of the Spine Shark™.”

Do I have to exercise? It’s Simple: just lie back, get comfortable (the seat) and breathe. Let the Spine Shark’s™ neutral and natural posture position restore order in major muscle groups closest to the spine, relaxing and reducing inflammation in areas of distress working with your body […]

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Dr. Shark Asks…… “Did You Know??”

Increase pulmonary flow to the lungs… The Spine Shark™ increases pulmonary flow to the lungs and increases fluid movement along the entire spinal column. That includes both oxygenated blood and essential nutrient rich healing and lubricating fluids. Rapid spinal decompression also takes place as gravity pulls the […]

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