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The Spine Shark is Proving Beneficial for Swimmers

When you think of injuries associated with sports and exercise, swimming is probably the last thing that would ever come to mind when talking about sporting injury causes. Many people consider swimming as one of the safest, most pain-free methods of exercising and working out due to […]

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Spine Shark for Military Personnel

Did you know that a United States Infantry Soldier gets less than 4 hours sleep during missions? Did you know that a Soldier could have up to 150lbs on His or Her back during mission and training exercises? Military Personnel need Rapid Recovery and Recuperative Rest. The Spine Shark […]

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The Spine Shark Can Benefit Basketball Players

When it comes to fast paced, high impact sports that demand a great deal of flexibility and stamina, you’d be hard pressed to come up with a better example than Basketball. Basketball is extremely physically demanding, and for that reason, the players themselves need to be in […]

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Relief from Hip Pain I have had for 15 years!!!

I have been in 3 auto accidents. The last 2 were very severs roll overs. I have had neck injuries, back injuries, hip, legs, basically my entire spine. I have been using the spine shark for 3 days and have gotten relief from hip pain I have […]

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Read this if you get MIGRAINES!!!

Read this if you get MIGRAINES!!! I started using the Spine Shark a few weeks ago and I can already see a change in my migraine pattern. For those of you that have pain in your shoulders, neck, back, hips and get migraines you may want to […]

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The Spine Shark keeps me sane!

I just need to tell you. I love my spine shark. I hurt my back. In 09 and got your product in 2011. I got the Spine Shark in a mall in Myrtle Beach. I have told everyone that I keep sane by using my Spine Shark. […]

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Spine Shark Helping Rugby Players of the World

Spine Shark Helping Rugby Players of the World When you think about intense, brutal, hard hitting, high intensity, and full contact sports designed to separate the men from the boys, rugby is probably the greatest example of a sport you could ever wish for. Rugby is a […]

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Sitting too Often can Cause Damage to the Spine

Doctor OZ says that the average American sits for 56 hours a week. That’s a lot of sitting! When you sit you actually put more tension on your spine than when you stand. When you sit you actually have less blood supply to the spine making it […]

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Dr. Keith Kinsley discusses the differences between the Inversion Table and Spine Shark

Many of our customers have asked, “What is the difference between the Inversion Table and the Spine Shark?” I would like to start off by saying that both are excellent devices purposed in reducing low back pain, but both take the approach very differently. Let’s start off […]

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