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Sitting too Often can Cause Damage to the Spine

Doctor OZ says that the average American sits for 56 hours a week. That’s a lot of sitting! When you sit you actually put more tension on your spine than when you stand. When you sit you actually have less blood supply to the spine making it less flexible and causing the spine to “dry out” and causing the spine to be “inflamed” and can damage the spine. To fix this problem you need to “re-engage” the spine, bring “new blood supply” to the spine to help it become flexible and decrease inflammation and pain.

Just using the Spine Shark™ for 5 to 10 minutes a day at your home or office will help you toBack Pain Desk2 Large FB, reducing and eliminating inflammation and pain and to help your body Decompress, Align, Recuperate, Regenerate and Heal; giving you an Enhanced and Better Quality of Life. If you have any questions about the Spine Shark™ Therapeutic device with Spine Tracker™ Technology, don’t hesitate to send us an email to

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