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Spine Shark Exercises For Lower Back Pain

Caution !!! If you experience sharp stabbing pain on any back alignment exercises, STOP!

Although some tightness and discomfort can be expected in relationship to the physical condition of your body, intense pain is an indicator that you may have a physical problem that needs medical evaluation. You should always consult with your doctor before starting any new exercises for lower back pain.

Please enjoy the videos. They are designed to help understand the basics of getting out of pain quickly. Spine Shark invites you to view the videos in full-screen. When finished, hit the ESC key to go back to normal size. There are more than 25 therapeutic forms of exercise we can recommend. Contact us with your interest in advanced training techniques from world-class professionals.


 Introduction to The Spine Shark The Seat

 Spine Shark Ball Toss

More videos coming…

Dr. Keith Kinsley

exercises-for-lower-back-painDr. Keith was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He comes from a fairly large family. He has recently moved to the Goldsboro area and enjoys North Carolina very much.

Dr. Kinsley recently completed 20 years of service in the army as a combat medic with tours in the U.S, Europe, Iraq and Sinai Egypt. His decision to join the army was made in high school, as was his decision to become a doctor of chiropractic as his second career.

Dr. Kinsley’s interest in chiropractic began with his own experiences at a very young age, and his focus as a practitioner is always providing “whole health” care by integrating traditional chiropractic techniques with the best available technology, nutrition, and collaboration with other practitioners who share the same philosophy. His primary clinical interests are in the study of clinical nutrition and neurology.

Dr. Kinsley’s philosophy, practice skills, and personality make him a great fit with Chiropractic Advantage and along with Dr. Wilding and Dr. Paat he plans on achieving truly great things and making a measurable difference in the health of a great many.


Spine Shark Co-Inventor, Dr Keith Kinsley demonstrates techniques for core and back strength to relieve low back pain.

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