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Recuperative Rest Motions

Learn How to Relieve Lower Back Pain With the Help of Recuperative Rest Motion Videos

Caution !!! If you experience sharp stabbing pain on any exercise, STOP!

Although some tightness and discomfort can be expected in relationship to the physical condition of your body, intense pain is an indicator that you may have a physical problem that needs medical evaluation. You should always consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise program.

The Recuperative Rest Motions demonstrated below have two primary objectives:

  1. To stretch specific muscle groups attached to known problem areas in the back.
  2. To increase blood flow and fluid movement leading to and from the spinal column.

Ideally, we suggest you do the exercises in the order displayed. Complete the sets, back to back, and then relax for the balance of your Spine Shark session.

Lower back and neck pain relief and leg and hip pain relief are just a few easy steps away! Check out the Spine Shark™ “ReGenesis One™ Recuperative and Regenerative Resting Therapy” exercise video’s below.

Please enjoy the videos below. They are designed to help understand the basics of getting out of pain quickly. Spine Shark invites you to view the videos in full-screen. When finished, hit the ESC key to go back to normal size. There are more than 25 therapeutic forms of exercise we can recommend. Contact us with your interest in advanced training techniques from world-class professionals.



Introduction to the the Spine Shark: The Seat

To use the Spine Shark, place it on the floor and sit down on the seat end of the device. Lie backwards and adjust your body so that the highest part of the support system is in the small of your back. Relax for 15 to 20 minutes. The recommended low impact exercises will help you stretch, increasing blood flow and fluid movement around your entire spinal column.

Recuperative Rest Motion 1

Spine Shark™ Hand to Knee Touch

Therapy For: Thoracic and Lumbar

Take your right hand and reach across your body. Lift your left knee towards your chest and touch it on the outside of leg with your hand. Hold for 3 seconds. Return to the start position. Using your left hand to reach across your body, touch the outside of your right knee. Hold for 3 seconds. Return to the start position. Repeat these steps, touching each knee 10 times.

Recuperative Rest Motion 2

Spine Shark™ Toy Soldier

Therapy For: Shoulders and Upper Thoracic

From the Start Position, place your hands flat on the floor beside your body. Swing one arm slowly in an arch from your waist to a position above your head. Allow your arm to reach above your head a far as possible. With the same arm, reverse direction and start the other arm upwards toward the 12 o’clock position creating a scissor movement with both arms. Work slowly, repeating the movement with each arm 10 to 15 times.

Recuperative Rest Motion 3

Spine Shark™ Hip Swing

Therapy For: Hips and Lower Lumbar

From the Start Position, twist (rock) your hips in one direction so that your outside leg is on a 20 degree angle back towards your body. Rotate your hips in the opposite direction until the opposite leg is at a 20 degree angle going the other way. As your flexibility improves, increase the range of motion of your hips to more extreme angles. Repeat 5 – 10 times to each side.

Recuperative Rest Motion 4

Spine Shark™ Hug

Therapy For: Thoracic

From the Start Position, fully extend your arms to the 3 and nine o’clock positions forming a cross. Wrap or cross your arms over your chest and hug yourself. Try to align your elbows with the center of your chest. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then fully extend your arms back away from your body to the cross position. Repeat movement sequence 10 times.

Recuperative Rest Motion 5

Spine Shark™ Cross Knee Stretch

Therapy For: Thoracic and Lumbar

From the Start Position, take your right hand and reach across your body. Lift your left knee towards your chest and grab your leg under the knee with your hand. Your hand should wrap completely around to the outside of your leg. Pull your leg towards your chest and hold for 5—10 seconds. Repeat using your left hand to reach across your body and pull your right leg. Repeat these steps, pulling from behind left and right knees 5 times each side.

Recuperative Rest Motion 6

Spine Shark™ Da Vinci Man

Therapy For: Neck and Shoulders

From the Start Position, visualize the face of a clock. Your head is at 12, and your feet are at 6 o’clock. Place your arms on the floor, palms down at the 4 and 8 o’clock positions. Push downward on the floor for 5 seconds. Move arms to the 3 and 9 o’clock positions and push down again. The final arm position is at the 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock positions. Turn hands palms up and push down with back of hand. Repeat the sequence of movements three times, pushing down with increasing force each time around.

Recuperative Motion 7
Spine Shark™ Core Hip
and Lumbar Motion



Therapy For: Hips and Lumbar

From the Start Position, slide an appropriate sized exercise ball under your legs. Rest your knees on top of the ball slightly apart. Squeeze and grip the ball using your heels and the back of your legs (calves and hamstrings). Lift the ball with your legs, by pulling your knees back to your chest. Adjust hands away from your body for increased balance and stability. Five to ten lifts of the ball equals one set. Gradually work up to 4 sets with a 15 second rest period between sets.



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