Take a Bite Out of Back Pain!

Dr. Shark Asks…… “Did You Know??”

Increase pulmonary flow to the lungs…

The Spine Shark™ increases pulmonary flow to the lungs and increases fluid movement along the entire spinal column. That includes both oxygenated blood and essential nutrient rich healing and lubricating fluids. Rapid spinal decompression also takes place as gravity pulls the body gently downward and the spine settles into the internally mounted twin rail Spine Tracker support and tracking system.

Experience the deep relaxation and relief from stress with over 300 square inches of ergonomically contoured shape to comfortably “cradle” the head and neck in the proper position to encourage gentle traction and allow the body to correct its cervical position naturally and promote healing. This allows total relaxation of neck, shoulder, and back muscles. It’s an amazing experience in mind and body relaxation!

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