Take a Bite Out of Back Pain!

I’ve lived with crippling neck pain

I gotta say something about this device. Jim Williams Vicente since the Summer of 2005. I tried doctors and chiropractors and lost my faith in both that they would find and provide a solution that would bring me back to normal. The first form of relief I got from this torment was from a pair of physical therapist named Rudy and Judy. I was introduced to techniques, exercises, and stretches that kept the pain at bay but required me to repeat this often on a daily basis to obtain relief. I have achieved progress through these techniques over the year and a half I have been doing them and I think if I continue to do them I will eventually get rid of it.
I have gotten more relief from the Spine Shark device in the last 48 hours since I bought and started using it than I have with all the stretching and exercises, medicines, and adjustments combined. It’s too early to tell if this will cure me completely but from the brief time I have spent with the Spine Shark I am thoroughly impressed. I’ve rarely felt like I’ve had to thank a company I bought something from before but…Thanks!
Jim Williams Vicente

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