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How to be More Alive and Well! Team Spine Shark Doctors Ask, “Did you know?”

Did You Know?

  • Our nervous system controls and coordinates all functions within the body, right down to the cellular level. The Spine Shark™ promotes optimal function of the central nervous system.
  • For the nervous system to maintain its optimum level of function, it depends on activation/stimulation as much as it depends on oxygen and nutrients. Spine Shark with Spine Tracker Technology Inside™ promote increased flow of cerebral spinal fluid and oxygen rich blood to the spinal column.
  • The vast majority of this stimulation/activation comes from feedback from nerve receptors in ligaments, tendons, and muscles that are only activated by movement. As you move on the Spine Shark, ReGenesis One Therapy motions promote increased neural feed back to the brain.
  • If there is a lack of movement in even a small region of the body, such as a joint in the arm or leg, there will be a subsequent decrease in the amount of sensory feedback to the brain from that region. Re Genesis One Therapy motions address all areas of the body including pulmonary function and lymphatic drainage promoting overall wellness.
  • The closer the fixated joint or muscle is to the midline of the body (the spine), the greater the detrimental impact on the nervous system (in terms of loss of sensory feedback) due to the exponentially increasing number of mechanical receptors found with greater proximity to the spine. As gravity pulls the body down into the ergonomically contoured surface of the Spine Shark the optimally shaped rails apply healing acupressure to the midline muscle groups dissolving blockages and restoring tissue to is smooth natural texture and return sensory feedback to its optimal levels.
  • Spinal segments that have lost normal range of motion will cause a loss of normal function of the muscles associated with those segments, which will result in a dramatic decrease in sensory feedback to the nervous system, which will result in an increased stress response in that region of the body. Since the muscles that maintain position and motion of spinal segments (vertebra) are involuntary, an external stimulus is required to change their function (such as a warm bath and a 20 minute session on the Spine Shark)
  • The accumulation of joint and muscle restriction due to lack of physical activity, elevated emotional stress, poor nutrition, environmental exposure to toxins, and major or minor physical traumas that occur over the course of a person’s lifetime will inevitably lead to reduced activation of the nervous system through a loss of sensory feedback. Therefore, the nervous system suffers an overall reduction in its functional integrity, similar to a person that has been starved and dehydrated. It is not possible to function at optimum capacity in that state of distress

Since the nervous system controls and coordinates all other systems within the body, a reduction to the integrity of the nervous system must lead to a reduction in the overall integrity of the body as a whole. You owe it to yourself to check out the Spine Shark. Follow the ReGenesis One Therapy program in addition to a healthy diet, nutritional supplements and lots of clean water.

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