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Benefits of Using The Spine Shark for Golf

When you think of sports and other physical activities in which painful injuries are often pretty common, which sports come to mind? Do you think of fast paced, full contact, and smash-mouth sports such as football or hockey? Perhaps you think of rugby or martial arts? What you probably don’t immediately think of though, is golf. You may think golf is a relatively slow paced, steady and safe game often played by people in their twilight years, but in actual fact, keen golfers, both amateur and professional, often suffer from various injuries and ailments, especially in their spinal areas and back muscles. Golfers are training just as hard as other professional athletes now. As a result, golfers regularly suffer from back problems, pains, and injuries, which is why the Spine Shark is so beneficial for them.

What is the Spine Shark? – The Spine Shark is a Spine Orthotic Device scientifically designed to target back and similar muscular pains and injuries, all of which works to help people live a healthier, happier, and pain-free life as a result. The Spine Shark has two primary objectives: The first being to stretch and relax specific muscle groups in the neck and back that have been known to be attached to certain problem areas that are the most susceptible to injury. The second objective of this device is to increase blood flow and fluid movement to and from the spinal column, allowing nutrient rich fluid to reach specific muscle areas. The more nutrient rich fluid these areas get, the faster recovery will begin to take place. The Spine Shark device uses what is known as Spine Tracker™ technology, which is comprised of two free moving spine shaped rails within the device. When a user lies down on the device, the ergonomic contours and grooves help to relax the muscles that support the spine whilst the Spine Tracker technology actually molds itself to the user’s spine, all of which works to promote spinal alignment, as well as to encourage gentle decompression, aid in healthy posture, and promote healing.
So, now that you’re familiar with what it’s about and how it works, let’s take a look at how this amazing device can benefit golfers.

The Spine Shark Relaxes the Muscles – If you’re familiar with golf, you’ll know that in order to make the best possible contact with the ball, you shouldn’t try and swing your club as hard as you possibly can; rather, you should relax your muscles, get your swing and follow through right, and allow the weight of your body to do the work for you. In order to strike the ball most efficiently, you need to ensure that your entire body is as loose and as relaxed as possible, and that’s where the Spine Shark can really help. Each time you use the Spine Shark, your muscles will feel loose and relaxed, which is exactly what you need on the golf course. You need to be able to rotate your hips, and swing your arms as easily as possible, and since your muscles will be so supple and relaxed, you’ll be able to perfect your swing with no pain or discomfort whatsoever.

It Provides Pain Relief – If you’re playing through any sort of injury, no matter how big or small, even if it’s just a minor discomfort, you still won’t be at your 100% best, which is what you need to be on the golf course, as consistency is the key; if you mess up just one hole because you happen to tweak your back ever so slightly, you could ruin your entire game. Whenever you’re suffering from some sort of injury, you won’t be maximizing your golf swing; Instead, you’ll be adapting your swing so that you don’t aggravate your injury. The Spine Shark provides pain relief for the entire body, particularly in the back, which means no pain and a better swing, and a better swing means a better score.

It Reduces Stress – The Spine Shark is also a great tool for providing stress relief, as it relaxes the muscles and the entire body whilst improving circulation and blood flow of oxygen, and providing pain relief at the same time. The more relaxed and clear minded a person is, the better they’ll do out there on the golf course, since they won’t be worrying about aggravating an existing injury or thinking of ways of dealing with nagging back pain. Instead, they can simply focus on their game, and swing away in a relaxed, pain-free manner. If you would like more information about Spine Shark and how the Spine Shark can help meet your athletic performance and recuperation needs, Please visit or send us an email to

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