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Spine Shark Deep Core Training For Back Injury Treatment

Spine Shark™ with Spine Tracker™ Technology inside addresses the CORE in a way that no other device in the world does. Spine Shark challenges the deepest levels of the xyz axis of the spine and heals any back injury. Traditional core conditioning does not fully address the 4th dimensional dynamic of the spinal column as explained by Dr. Keith Kinsley in our The Doctors Say Video Series.
Our core is basically used for two specific reasons.

  • Re-Distributing Force
  • Re-Directing Forceback-injury-treatment

Re-distributing force applies to your ability to stabilize and transfer force away from your lumbar decompression of your spine, hence protecting your lower back from injury.

Think about when you are performing an athletic event like Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Football, Hockey and Soccer. These sports require incredible balance to be good at them let alone exceptional. When you get knocked off your center of gravity – if you can’t get stable by re-distributing the force and your core breaks down, you will generally fall down or as some say, “eat it.”

If you can successfully re-distribute the force, then you will be able to maintain balance and stay in the game effectively and defeat your opponent.

To train re-distributing force you should focus on preventing movement through anti-flexion/extension and anti-rotation exercises.

Good examples would be Spine Shark Enhanced Athletics Training™

Re-directing force is more about using your body to create a change in movement with your core muscles acting as the point where the force transfers through your body.

back-pain-relief-productsAnother example for Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Soccer and the like, would be in performing a turn, which is where you generate and force yourself in order to execute the move.

You are effectively re-directing the force to where you want it to go to create the desired movement.

To train re-directing force you should focus on creating movement through rotational exercises such as the ones found in Spine Shark’s Enhanced Athletic Training Videos at SPINESHARK.COM. Check out Dr. Kinsley’s recommendations.

Your core is the engine room of your body – Make sure you train it correctly to improve your athletic ability and improve resistance to injury with the Spine Shark’s Enhanced Athletic Training and rapid recuperative and regenerative rest, and bottom line- decrease the risk of lower back injuries.

Spine Shark Enhanced Athletic Training will not only help improve your core strength, but it can also help you lose body fat, increase muscle tone and help you bounce  back quicker from training and win more games!!!

The Spine Shark™ has given many athletes the edge to help them during their competition and it can help you too. Just use it!

Keep your spine in line so you can keep doing what you love!

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