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Spine Tracker Technology

What’s inside Spine Alignment Tracker?

Inside every Spine Shark™, there is a patented Spine alignment Tracker system that is comprised of two rails designed to have the contours of a perfect human spine. The two rails move independently, maximizing contact with the spine, resulting in rapid relaxation of the muscles along the spine and encouraging gentle decompression, to help relieve pain. The patented Spine Tracker System is engineered and designed as a professional therapeutic device and is available for personal use.



Using the Spine Shark, you can quickly and safely remove abnormal tension along the muscles supporting the spine that cause pain in the neck, shoulders, back, hips and also help to Improve and Alleviate symptoms of Sciatica and Hip Pain!

When performing the Spine Shark’s recommended exercises,  Spine Tracker Technology will actually track with your movements as you perform the core strength, balance flexibility and mobility motions – more than if the support were just a static device.

Watch the animation below to see how the Spine Tracker system works:

Now that you know what’s inside, click here for some of the Benefits you can expect just resting on the Shark 15-20 minutes a day.

The Spine Shark has helped numerous athletes recover from spine and muscle related injuries. The Spine Shark also helps to relieve symptoms from Fibromyalgia and Migraine Headaches!

 The Spine Shark will align your spine and put your it in its Neutral Posture Position

The Spine Shark™ will promote Regeneration and Remodeling of the spine as well as the Soft Tissue and Muscle that support the spine. It will promote and increase the flow of the body’s nutrient rich fluids that can help to repair damage from trauma, stress, and physical exertion leaving you with High Quality Deep Rest!

The Spine Shark Comes With a Lifetime Warranty!

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