Take a Bite Out of Back Pain!

How It Works


How it works

Spine Shark’s primary objectives:

  • To stretch specific muscle groups attached to known problem areas in the back.
  • To increase blood flow and fluid movement leading to and from the spinal column.

Spine Shark’s neutral position allows the vertebrae or back bones to open up and take the pressure off the soft tissues surrounding the bones, giving them a break and a chance to heal or rest and recover from all the awkward and strenuous positions our demanding lifestyles require.

In addition to the neutral posture support, the Spine Shark’s design enhances the experience by putting you in a passive state of traction. The ergonomics have your hips drop down and away from the back, taking pressure off the s-1 nerve, relieving sciatica and encouraging the hips to level out.

Combine that with having the neck extended, leveled out with the head, and the steady pull of gravity to give a smooth, even stretch to the muscles both down and across the back. This position targets problem areas, dissolving them and restoring soft tissue to its smooth natural texture. In the meantime – helping you become pain free!

You have a plan for everything – how to eat, how to exercise, how to do more work in less time, and even what vitamins and supplements to take. But, do You have a plan on how to effectively recover from abnormal stresses to the Spine and Central Nervous System? 

Let Spine Shark become a part of your plan for Rest, Recuperation and Healing!

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