Take a Bite Out of Back Pain!

Benefits of Using the Shark

How Will I benefit using the Spine Shark?

  • The Spine Shark™ provides all in one solution for spinal decompression at home that increases pulmonary flow to the lungs and increases fluid movement along the entire spinal column that includes both oxygenated blood and essential nutrient rich healing and lubricating fluids.  Rapid spinal decompression also takes place as gravity pulls the body gently downward as the spine settles into the internally mounted twin rail Spine Tracker™ support and tracking system. Experience deep relaxation and relief from stress with over 300 square inches of an ergonomically contoured shape that comfortably “cradles” the head and neck in the proper position to encourage gentle traction and allow the body to correct its cervical position naturally and promote healing. This allows total relaxation of neck, shoulder, and back muscles. Back decompression is an amazing experience in mind and body relaxation in the comfort of your own home.
  • Overall, Spine Shark™ users experience an improved quality of “recuperative rest” that allows the users body to bounce back faster. Individuals can train harder and shorten the down time between training sessions.
  • To enhance general well-being, and with it, overall better performance in life, Spine Shark™ also recommends a healthy lifestyle.  This means getting sufficient sleep and eating balanced meals.

If you are Retired and Just Taking it Easy, a Cross-Fit Athlete or a Weekend Warrior and you have injured yourself, suffering from disk compression or are experiencing any of the following symptoms below, Spine Shark™ can help you! The Spine Shark™ can help you relax your spine for back decompress and allow it to become stronger and perform better in its Neutral Spine Position!

Upper, Middle and Low Back Muscle Painspinal-decompression-at-home

Soft Tissue Bruising or Stretching


Perthes Syndrome

Degenerated Disc

Herniated Disc



Neck Pain

Sciatica pain

Hip Pain


Spinal Decompression Machine For Spinal Decompression at Home

The Spine Shark has helped numerous athletes recover from spine and muscle related injuries. The Spine Shark also helps to relieve symptoms from Fibromyalgia and Migraine Headaches! “The Spine Shark will put your Spine in its Neutral Posture Position”

The Spine Shark™ will promote Regeneration and Remodeling of the spine as well as the Soft Tissue and Muscle that support the spine. It will promote and increase the flow of the body’s nutrient rich fluids that can help to repair damage from trauma, stress, and physical exertion leaving you with High Quality Deep Rest!

The Spine Shark comes with a “Money Back Guarantee” and the device itself has a “Lifetime Warranty”.

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