Take a Bite Out of Back Pain!

The Spine Shark

Now available for personal home use! 

The Spine Shark™ is a high quality therapeutic device used by doctors
for their patients to decompress and alignment the spine


Use the Spine Shark Anywhere!How does it work?

The Spine shark is designed to put the spine in its most natural or neutral position what would be considered perfect posture or if your spine was in its perfect anatomical position.

The neutral position allows the vertebra to open up and take the vertical pressure off of the discs and the soft tissues surrounding the bones giving them a chance to heal, rest and recover from all of the awkward and strenuous positions our demanding lifestyles require.





The Spine Shark:

  •  Stretches specific muscle groups attached to problem areas within the upper and lower portions of the spine and neck. 
  • Increases blood flow and fluid movement (Interstitial fluid) leading to and from the spine.
  • With Spine Tracker Technology, the spine shark promotes proper alignment of  the spine while releasing muscle tension and naturally decompressing the spinal vertebrae.
    This promotes regeneration of the soft tissues surrounding the spine.
    Improving circulation of the body’s nutrient rich fluids that can increase healing to the damaged tissues resulting from trauma, stress and physical exertion the spine shark will leave you with a higher quality, deeper rest in less time!


The Spine Shark Relieves:

  • Hip and sciatica pain
  • Muscle soreness and stiffness
  • Pain of the upper, middle, lower back and neck pain
  • Migraine Pain
  • Symptoms from Fibromyalgia


The Spine Shark enables you to address potential spine related problems before they become so severe that you have to see a licensed health care provider! 
Saving you time, trouble, and money


Everyone needs a plan for Central Nervous System (CNS) recuperation that will help with:  
  • balance 
  • mobility
  • muscle tightness 
  • pain relief


Add a Spine Shark to your Health and Wellness plan!

Align your spine in just minutes




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